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OrlandoCity makes planning, sharing and selling experiences easy. Most other sites about Orlando are like the yellow pages. Thousands of listings without giving you a roadmap on what to do. Here you will easily find your next experience in our beautiful city.

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Orlando City is powered by The Village Engine. If you are interested in powering your City or Travel site please contact us. We offer ASP model to power, customize your look and maintain your site.

What We Say

If your searching for a site that list's businesses in Orlando, you're in the wrong place. If you are looking for a site that will help you find what's right for you in Orlando, then you are at the right place.

Chris Souza,
Founder OrlandoCity

Our Team

The same team that brought you Lightstorm Development, is behind this great project.


Founder OrlandoCity

Chris is the Founder and Creator of OrlandoCity.



Brian has ran many successful Businesses and currently helps with the day to day operations of OrlandoCity.



Vera helps with translating OrlandoCity.com to our portuguese version.



Kimberly handles all the daily deals associated with our partners. She is also a contributor in sharing her experiences of events happening in Orlando.



Staff Writer, recently joined the team to review parks and attractions.



Staff Writer, currently performing freelance writing on tourist attractions.
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