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Recently I took a trip to Vegas. What does this have to do with Orlando? Bare with me, I'll explain, and it will make sense.

I visited a lot of websites planning for my itinerary. I was going to go to Vegas for only four days. A trip this expensive was not one I would just wing it. Even though some travelers prefer to just go with the flow, I was wanting to make sure that on this expensive trip that i got my money's worth. Endless of sites later, my itinerary was still not as good as i wanted it to be. Yes the Bellagio fountain was on my list, yes watching a Circus du Soleil show was also on my list. But what about all the other stuff? All of these sites were simply listing restaurants, night clubs, locations, a few reviews a few stars. But it really wasnt the same as when you would call up a friend and they would tell you where to go. Finally after endless directory listings, I happened to find a site that simply said, "the top 10 things to do during the day in Vegas". After reading this, i thought, that's all i was looking for. I'm not sure that out of the thousands of activities to do in Vegas, which one was right for me. However, looking at this top ten list, i was able to identify by the authors experience a few things that interest me.

A Simple formula, focusing on Experiences.

I believe a person visiting a city has a list of things they want to do. Be it shopping, seeing family, but in the end, they want to have an experience. A good experience. Our site will focus on just that. Providing experiences from EVERYONE that wants to share their experiences of Orlando. If you are looking for a site that will give you a list of ALL the restaurants and attractions then you are in the wrong place. But if you are looking for a site that will help you in having the best experience when you visit Orlando, then we are the place for you.

Baby steps, and how we will get there.

As a new launching site, content will grow as time permits.We understand that simply listing what we think is great, might not mean it is what you think is great. And in todays market a site that does not take advantage of the social and community aspect of technology is not taking advantage of its full potential. 

Become a Guide

A Review Guide - A Review Guide will be able to register and write about something to do in Orlando. Anyone can become a guide, however we will monitor closely what is written. We will make sure that what is written has to do with Orlando and will be of quality and helpful content.

A Local Guide - You are local expert or a tour provider and are looking to connect with people around the world wanting to visit Orlando. List your Experience - Give it a name, description, price, availability, and don't forget an awesome photo!

A Service Guide - You have a unique service that you would like to offer travelers. Enjoy the thrill of introducing a new place or experience to someone for the first time. Help shape how visitors experience our community and culture.

All these services will revolve on one thing. Enhancing the travelers experience. Businesses or Guides will only be able to write and list content based on enhancing your experience. Keeping it this way will make sure you the traveller can benefit from visiting our site.

Finally We want to hear from you. Please let us know your ideas or thoughts on improving the site. In the end it's our goal to help you so you can help others by sharing your experiences.

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