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OPA Restaurant at Pointe Orlando

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Party and dine like a greek god, OPA!

I have had three birthdays here. And there is a reason. The first time I have ever gone to OPA in Orlando I was blown away. Originally I had heard it was a party and that people danced on tables. But when you actually experience it - the atmosphere, the music, the people, you really start getting it. Any shyness you have, is really out the door once you get in there. You basically sit down, it's loud, the music is bumping, you look around and notice people you would think have had to much to drink suddnely start dancing on tables. Beleive it or not, these people are not drunk, at least not from the alcohol. They are drunk from the greek spirit that seem to have taken over their bodies. When this occurs, waiters join the festivities by throwing hundreds of napkins in the air yelling, "OPA!" "OPA!" -reminding you of a certain favorite movie you once watched.

The food is also great, I usually get their surf-n-turf which is really good. However i am the wrong person to really critique any restaurant choices. I am what they call a basic picky eater, once i try something and i like it, i usually don't deviate and explore anything else.

Things I didn't like. OPA has a siting down rule and a minimum spending rule. I'll explain.

Siting down rule. You can't sit down unless everyone in your party has arrived. I can sort of understand why they do this, however, there are times where people in your party are a little late. When this happens, they give your reservation to another party.

Minimum spending rule. If you have a large party, everyone has to spend about a $15 minimum on an entree. The problem with this rule is that in certain situations, like if you are having a birthday party, guests simply show up to show their support and have a drink or two with you. So whomever is organizing the party needs to call everyone to make sure they are ok and wiling to spend that amount on food.

And that is really it, besides these two sucky rules in my opinion the place is great. OPA is really more for the festive atmosphere and not for the food. Don't get me wrong, the food is good, but the party is better! Don't expect it to be a place that you will sit and have good conversation with your company. It's a place to drink, dance on the table and as cliche as it sounds yell "OPA!"

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