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Rock Out On Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It At Universal Studios

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Get your adrenaline pumping as you speed through the rails!

Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It is a roller coaster located at Universal Studios Orlando. Get your adrenaline pumping as you rush upwards a whopping seventeen stories and speed through the rails at a neck-breaking 65 miles per hour... all while listening to the very best music. Thrill seekers won't be able to ride just once – they'll be getting right back in line!

History of The Ride

In January of 2008 Universal Studios filed a notice with Orange County, Florida, stating that they would be beginning construction of a new ride. At the time of filing, the new ride was named 'Project Rumble.' In March of 2008, the park released an official press release stating their intentions for the new ride. Land was cleared to make way for the ride in May, and the first pieces of track were finally laid in December. The final pieces of track were laid in April of 2009, but there was a delay in the opening of the ride, forcing it to be postponed until August of that same year. Universal Studios never made a public statement regarding the reason for the delay, but there was a well-believed rumor stating it may have been due to an error in the anti-rollback devices.


Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It is 3,800 feet long and rises to about 167 in the air at it's tallest point – the equivalent to a 17 story building. An entirely vertical lift brings you up to the top, at which you plummet. The tracks of Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It are filled with sand and gravel to help reduce the noise of the train rolling across the tracks.

The trains you ride in encompass two cars which can carry six riders each. There are speakers located in the head rest of each seat, which play the song selected by the rider before leaving the station. Each rider has a choice of six songs from each of the following music genres: classic rock and heavy metal, club and electronica, country, rap and hip-hop, pop and disco.

When you climb into the train, you only have about 45 seconds to sit down, lower the restraint (a lap bar), and make your song choice before the ride begins. Besides the enormous vertical lift and the plummet back to earth, there is also a non-inverting loop, non-inverting corkscrew, s-turn, and inclined loop.

When you've finished taking your ride on the tracks, you have the unique option of making a music video out of your ride. The entire ride is video taped and can be turned into a music video featuring the music you chose at the beginning of the ride. This is a very unique souvenir to bring home with you and show everyone who missed out on the trip.


Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It is a roller coaster offering a unique, one-of-a-kind experience you won't want to miss. Make sure you make a visit to this coaster part of your next Universal Studio's trip.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It is located at Universal Studios, which is at 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, Florida. You can call (407)224-4233 for more information.

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