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4Rivers Smokehouse: When You want more than Ordinary Barbecue!

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Neighborhood Environment; Exceptional Flavor!

Chances are when you visit the Orland area you will see a number of bumper stickers advertising this exceptional location – 4Rivers Smokehouse offers you a barbecue experience that is truly like no other.

4Rivers Smokehouse is actually a neighborhood restaurant specializing in barbeque and has quickly become a favorite for the locals. It has won several prestigious awards, such as the Best BBQ back in 2011 from the Orlando Sentinel and the top restaurant in all of Winter Park according to Zagats.

4Rivers originally opened back in 2009 and has expanded into other areas in the region. With so much hype around the area in forms of word of mouth advertising, this is definitely a must try while you are in the Orlando area.

Be warned, that even on weekdays there will be a line, and one that will likely extend into the parking lot. However, the wait is usually not too long and the environment is always friendly.

Once you make it in the door you will have to wait a bit longer, but you also get a preview of all the options that are available for dinner. There is a huge selection of craft sodas, many of which you have likely never see before. There are also a large number of meats that you can choose from, but the restaurant has become famous thanks to their brisket, as well as over 10 options for sides.

Even if you usually skip desert, chances are you will want to try out the selection at 4Rivers, as each option is handmade each day.

Once you order your food you will sit in an outdoor eating area, as the interior of the restaurant is for ordering only. If you decide that you want to eat at the actual restaurant, you will have to do so on their outdoor deck area. However, don’t worry about the heat or rain, the area has a roof and a number of ceiling fans. There are also fans on the posts around the perimeter, with a built in mist sprayer to ensure that the area is comfortable even with the constant Florida heat.

The seating is arranged in a community type style, with long tables and benches. While you may not like this concept, you will change your mind once you taste the food!

The fact is that this is a typical barbeque restaurant in the regard that you will be dining outside; but the food truly speaks for itself. Chances are that once you try the wide array of options on the menu you will want to visit again and again; each time you take a trip to the Orlando area.

4Rivers Smokehouse is located at 1600 W. Fairbanks Ave and more information can be found at their website: http://4rsmokehouse.com/. This is definitely a location that you will want to visit again and again. 

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