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A Jumping Good Time At Airhead's Trampoline Arena

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Tampa’s premier destination for airborne amusement.

Airheads Trampoline Arena offers an experience like no other. Allow yourself to become airborne as you fly through the air in the enormous bouncing arena. The arena is specially designed for optimal jumping capabilities, with bounce-intensive surfaces used throughout. Safety, of course, is a number one priority, so the use of specially designed grip-socks and safety helmets are required. No one wants to be injured while they're having a 'jumping' good time, after all.

Open Jumping

There are open jumping sessions every day throughout the week. Open jumping sessions means that you get to jump around and have a good time without enrolling in a class or special event. This fun time is not reserved, so first-come, first-serve as only a specific number of people can safely jump at any given time.

There are awesome deals for jumping so that it can fit into anyone's budget! Jump all you want, all day, for only $16.95. Or, purchase an all-you-can-jump weekly pass for $23.95. Really love jumping? Get a monthly pass for just $29.95!


If you want your child's birthday to be super special, sign them up for one at Airhead's Jumping Arena! There are three fabulous birthday packages, and a number of great add-ons, so you can figure out what best suites your group and budget. Packages start at twelve jumpers, two pizzas, and unlimited soft drinks. The largest package includes 24 jumpers, four pizzas, and unlimited soft drinks. Add-ons include goody bags, dodge ball upgrades, juice, ice cream, cake, balloons, and much more!

Exercise Classes

Airhead's Trampo-lean Fitness classes are low-impact, easy on your joints, ideal for all fitness levels, and burns up to 1,000 calorie per class. If you aren't convinced that these classes are for you, you'll probably be happy to know that NASA has recently discovered that just ten minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a more effective cardiovascular workout than a full 33 minutes of running.

Other Fun

If you want more out of your experience, you can opt to participate in some fast-paced, high-flying dodge ball fun. This option is also available for birthdays! There is a dedicated dodge ball area so free bouncers are not disturbed. If you think you've got what it takes, you can even participate in the Thursday night series tournaments, or some of the cash prize tournaments.

Need something a little more laid back after hours of high-flying fun? Spend some time in the AIRcade, which is always staffed with Airhead's super friendly, helpful staff. A wide range of arcade games will keep you and your group happily entertained or hours.


Airhead's Trampoline Arena offers an experience like nowhere else. Spend some time safely free-jumping in the arena, play some dodge ball, check out the arcade, or attend a quick-calorie-burning exercise class. There's fun for the entire family at Airhead's.

Airhead's Trampoline Arena is located at 33 West Pineloch Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32806. They are open from 2 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday, and 10 am to 8 pm Sunday.

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