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A Merry-Go Round of Emotions at the Shakespeare Theater – Where Dramas Come Aliv

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A Theatrical Experience of a Lifetime

Orlando is full of fun things to do and experience. If a day watching some of the greatest play’s in the world sounds appealing to you, then the Orlando Shakespeare Theater is a must-go destination. Here you will experience the complete merry-go-round of emotions from grief, love, happiness and more as the crew and cast work to provide credible and professional reenactments of some of the most well-known plays in the world.

Here you will be brought right into the classic works created by William Shakespeare and have life brought to musicals, melodramas, masques, tragedies, comedies and more. In addition to watching the action, you can also become involved with professional training and workshops offered to any prospective thespian. You never know, you may be the very next star on stage.

With over 25 seasons, the Shakespeare Theater in Orlando has consistently delivered the very best theater experience that is available in all of Central Florida. The theater offers a variety of modern classics, plays, new works and plays specifically designed for children.

The theater is located in Loch Haven Park of Orlando, which is located near the intersection of Princeton Street and North Mills Avenue. Each season the Orlando Shakespeare Theater provides educational summer camps, four different theaters, workshops and over 326 performances.

History of the Theater

The theater is not a new arrival to Orlando; in fact it began in the 1970s when a University of Central Florida professor, Dr. Stuart Omans, led a bus full of experienced and hopeful theater students to various schools in the Orlando area to perform some of the most well-known Shakespeare plays. By the  1980s Professor Omans had created an extensive deal Walt Disney World and the city of Orlando in order to hold the actual performances at the Lake Eola bandshell, which was the birth of the Shakespeare Festival.

While the location holds a number of educational programs, readings, workshops and a number of other special events, there are also four different professional theaters offered by the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

The theaters are as follows:

  • Santos Dantin Studio Theater: seats a total of 75 people;
  • Mandell Theater: Seats a total of 99 people;
  • Goldman Theater: Seats a total of 118 people;
  • Margeson Theater: Seats a total of 324 people.

Each of these individual theaters is located inside of the actual John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center that is located in the Loch Haven Park area of Orlando.

The main season for the theater takes place between the months of August and April. Every season you can expect to experience the following:

  • A signature series consisting of six shows;
  • A young audience three show theater;
  • Harriett’s play series, which consists of three shows.

The Orlando Shakespeare Theater is located at 812 East Rollins in Orlando. You can visit their site at http://www.orlandoshakes.org/ to find out more information regarding the shows that will be going on during your visit to the area.

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