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Adults Can Laugh Out Loud At Mama's Comedy Show!

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It's always more fun at Mama's!

Mama's Comedy Show is Orlando's very best improv comedy show, and it'll have you in stitches. It's kind of like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” but with a much more adult twist on things. In fact, it isn't really family-friendly, intended for mature audiences only. But it'd make a great night out for you and your special someone, or you and a few of your best friends!

Meet The Family

Every Friday night, the 'family' of Mama's Comedy Show gets together so you can laugh at their expense. While not all of the family may get together at one time, you just never know who is going to drop by to entertain you. You might meet Uncle Ed, or one of numerous cousins- like cousins Tony G., Todd, Ali, Matt, Gordon, Lisa, Jaimz, Mark, Kevin, Heather, or Ryan. The family has been touted as laugh out loud funny, and they work so well together you'll end up thinking they might just really be related after all.

Momma Moolah?

Momma Moolah is cash you can use to see another Mama's Comedy Show, and it's handed out after every single show. Although tickets are normally ten dollars, you can buy them with just five Mama Moolah. It's a nice way for Mama and her ridiculously funny family to show their appreciation for you coming out. Besides, everyone loves the opportunity to get something for free, don't they?

What To Expect

Like mentioned before, the show is definitely adult themed. Like the website says, “Mama can't guarantee that the content will be squeaky clean.” Since the show is an improv, the entire thing is based on audience suggestions. You know- name a place, a job, a name, a profession, object, situation, etc. That means that no two shows will ever be the same, so multiple viewings will be like brand new experiences every time. Plus, as an added bonus, you can feel like a very real part of the show- because you are!

Dinner With Your Show

Mama's Comedy Show is part of Sleuth’s diner and a show series, so you can enjoy some delicious food while you watch- and the restaurant really goes all out! Before the show, you're served a fresh greens salad, assorted crackers, cheese, dinner rolls with butter, and hors d'oeuvres (both cold and hot variations). Your entree, served during the show, can be a choice of honey-glazed Cornish game hen, prime rib, or four cheese lasagna. Each meal comes with appropriate sides, all of which are absolutely mouth watering! Then there's a delicious mystery dessert for after. What is it? They sure aren't telling! Drinks can include alcohol, soft drinks, tea, or coffee.

If you like to laugh, you can't afford to miss Mama's Comedy Show at Sleuth’s. Bring your significant other, some friends, or your own family to enjoy the humorous improv styling of Mama's family. 

Mama's Comedy Show is at Sleuth's, located at 8267 International Drive.

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