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AMC Downtown Disney Dine-In Theater Review

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

First Class Dine-in Movie Experience.

Ahh first class, how I love thee... Yes the new AMC Downtown Disney Dine-In Theater feels like first class. Enjoy a great blockbuster movie while being served a delicious meal with a touch of a button.

How it works

Upon arrival you can't help the remodeling work done to the place. It feels like a lobby of a hotel. A very nice bar is on the other end of the lobby and to your right you can see a desk where you are able to experience a hotel check-in like experience. The theater employee points to a forward facing LCD for you to select your row and seats. Once your seats are selected, you are good to go.  It's nice to know that your seats are saved and you are free to hang out at the bar and not worry about rushing to your seats, they're reserved!

The Seats

Each row has four seats with a long table to place your food on. Each row is leveled down a bit to give you the stadium seating effect. The seats are quite comfy and they provide plenty of space between them and the table and the seat next to you.

The button

Ah yes the magic button, it lights up every time you press it and once pressed a magical servant appears asking you for what you need.

The price

They charge you two dollars extra for the ticket, but in my opinion, for the service
and the comfort,  it is worth it. The price to eat was actually very similar to the average
standard restaurants. At first I was worried that by being a theater, they would charge you a premium for the price for food, but AMC did it smart and matched what the industry charges- $9 and change for a cheeseburger.


Usually when I go to the movies I have to get a babysitter, plus dinner then a movie. The time that I waste at dinner at a restaurant cost me. By combining Dinner and a movie at
the same time I am actually saving. With a tough economy this might be a good option for you, but then again that is up to you.

The experience

What I prefer to do is arrive few minutes early so once you order your food it arrives as the trailers start. They dim the lights, but the table have these dim lights up against it, allowing you to still see
what you are eating and even look through the menu for any mid-movie dessert orders. I was a little worried that having waiters walking up and down the isle would be to much of a distraction, but it
wasn't. The staff does a great job to be discreet while they hustle back and forth. When they first opened up, the service was a hit-or-miss, but as the weeks have gone by they seem to have fixed any quirks. Good for them, everyone that I have spoken to really enjoys the experience.

Mid through the movie the waiter will drop the check, simple put your credit card saving time not having to wait for your check to come back when the movie is over.


1. Pre-purchase your movie tickets ahead of time. Pre-purchasing online allows you to pre-select your seats. For blockbuster movies sometimes you need to purchase one day ahead of time or you will be sitting in the first row if you try to purchase tickets at the theater. When selecting the movie online look for the words, "Fork and Screen", that is what AMC calls their Dine in theater experience.

2. Signup for AMC's ticket stubs, They waive most web sites fees and you get free upgrades on drinks and popcorn, plus 10$ credit every 100$ you spend.

3. Arrive 15 minutes earlyand order your meal and dessert. Eat it while you watch trailers, once the movie starts your dessert should arrive just in time. Nothing better then watching Planet of the Apes while eating a NY cheesecake.

4. Stay away from the the first row of seats. These are reserved usually for people requiring special assistance anyways. These seats are built to give space for people with wheel chairs so the table is slightly higher which blocks your view.

5. Go online and search for coupons. AMC usually has free desserts and appetizers with meals coupon for you to use.

Finally, I believe AMC is doing the right thing here. With TV's getting bigger and even providing 3D effects, this makes total sense for the next revolution of watching movies. It's a great way to keep innovating. AMC is betting that you usually spend money on a dinner before you come to a movie anyway and by tapping into that market its definitely generating new revenue for them.

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