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Delve Into Culture At The Grand Bohemian Gallery

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One of the most visually stimulating art galleries

The Grand Bohemian Gallery is located within The Kessler Collection of luxury hotels and resorts. It is free for the general public to tour, even if you are not currently staying in the hotel itself. The gallery was established by Richard C. Kessler, an avid art lover and hotelier. The collection represented in this gallery is said to be one of the most eclectic and visually stimulating in the entire nation, making it well worth visiting. The gallery makes a wonderful place for the entire family to spend a few hours – even the youngest of children will be enthralled with the work on display.


Exhibits include a mixture of original and rare artwork, covering the spectrum of artistic forms. The art was created by both well-known and independent artists of varying persuasions. The Orlando location of the Grand Bohemian Gallery offers many unique, fantastic pieces that are sure to draw your attention. Surrealist paintings in vivid colors are paired with still-life paintings so real you could almost imagine it was a photograph instead. Both fantasy and real-life images are represented in the art gallery.  Pieces of note include:

  • Paper Plumage, by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson (painting)
  • Enraptured, by Susan Conteras (painting)
  • Minerve, by Jean Claude Roy (painting)
  • Astronomer, by James Kitchens (painting)
  • Rite of Passage, by Gary Cooley (sculputre)
  • Figure Stitch, by Peter Keil (painting)
  • The Opportunists, by Mick Doellinger (sculpture)
  • Zebra Red Spaghetti Leg Dish, by Art of Glass (glass art)


Featured Artists

The neat thing about this art gallery is that their featured artists are a mixture of well-known and independent artists. In fact, you even have the ability to submit your own work to be hung in the gallery if you're artistically talented yourself.

Featured artists at The Grand Bohemian Gallery include Stefano Cecchini, Claude Roy, Ali Launer, Amber Higgins, Donna Dowless, Elizabeth Nelson, Gartner & Blade, James Kitchens, Jerry McKellar, Kathleen Elliot, Mitch Kolbe, Oris, Susan Gott, Peter Keil, Philippe Guilerm, Stefan Horik, Thomas Arvid, and John Duckworth.


The Grand Bohemian Art Gallery offers a wonderful, cultural experience that would be enjoyable for the entire family. It is not something you want to miss on your next trip to Orlando, and the best part is that it is entirely free, which is within everyone's budget.

The Grand Bohemian Art Gallery is located at 325 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32801. It's open from 10 am until 7 pm, Monday through Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday it stays open until 8 pm, and on Sunday it closes early, at 3 pm.

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