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Don’t Block Your Fun with a Visit to Legoland Theme Park

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Le-go of My Good Time!

Legoland Theme Park is the ideal destination for kids of all ages. Once you step onto the premises you will be met with towering dragons, castles and authentic looking racecars – all created from Legos. The location, which is situated in the heart of Downtown Disney, has been recently renovated and added almost 3,500 square feet to the location. There is a huge play area outside for kids, newly added models of some of your all time Disney favorites, such as the Seven Drawfs and even some Pixar friends, such as Buzz Lightyear. There is also an on-site Master Builder Bar and a playroom inside.

Things to Do at LegoLand

There are a number of things to do and see when you visit LegoLand in Orlando, in fact chances are you could spend all day immersed in Legos, building things straight out of your imagination. Some of the things you should not miss out on are highlighted here.

Pose with the Lego Statues

There are a number of creatures and statues created from Legos all around the area in Downtown Disney. Some of the most unique include the dogs and the dragon that is situated in a pool of blue Legos.

Experience the Pick a Brick Wall

The Pick a Brick Wall is the largest location of Legos and accessories offered anywhere around the world. Your kids will love getting to fill up their containers by picking out exactly what they want from this wall. There are also some new things that they can pick up that are usually only available in specialty sets.

Cut Your Imagination Loose in the Demonstration Area

Here you will find endless tables full of Legos of all sizes that are perfect for younger visitors. There is a racing ramp where you can build your own race car and then race against other visitors. While the location is usually pretty busy, there are so many tables that you are almost guaranteed to be able to grab one. You can let your kids play with all of the Lego blocks, with Duplo blocks on site for the younger visitors, while you take a break for a few peaceful moments.

Create Your Own Lego Person

When you wander into the store you will find a smaller area where you will have the opportunity to build your very own, customized Lego person. You can choose from hats and hair, make the sad or sill, cowboys or pirates and then purchase them and take them home.

Downtown Disney offers the ideal location when you are looking for a break from the hectic theme parks. The Lego Imagination Center is open each day from 9:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, with extended hours on Friday, as well as Saturday.

Admission to LegoLand is free and can be found at 1672 East Buena Vista Drive, or you can find out more information by visiting stores.lego.com.

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