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Experience the Natural Florida on Lake Jesup with Black Hammock Airboat Rides

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Take a walk on the wild side of Florida.

The very best way to experience Lake Jesup is by taking an airboat ride with the well-known Black Hammock Adventures. This eco-attraction is situated on the southern part of the 16,000 acre lake and surrounded by alligators and natural Florida artifacts. Visitors that come to the shores of Lake Jesup are quickly introduced to a world that is far removed from what they find in their own back yard. After just a few minutes aboard the Black Hammock airboat, you will be immersed in the natural fauna and flora that only Florida can produce where you will see first-hand some of the riveting, raucous and rare creatures that reside year round.

During your air boat ride you are going to see a large number of different animals from predatory alligators to bald eagles, as well as hundreds of different species of birds and other animals that reside within a few miles of the marina. When you ride on one of the state of the art airboats from Black Hammock, you will quickly and silently skim across the waters of Lake Jesup among the islands and reeds, being as close to ferocious and feathered as you are likely to ever be.

When you choose Black Hammock for your Air boat ride, this is truly an adventure that you will remember, mainly due to the fact that this 100,000 year old lake is the home of more than 10,000 alligators, which is the largest concentration of any lake in the entire state of Florida.

The airboat rides that we offer can literally fly like the wind, where you will be traveling at speeds as much as 45 miles an hour at times. This speed allows you to witness first-hand the nooks and crannies of Lake Jesup – ones that you would likely never see otherwise.

During your airboat ride you will also get a first-hand glimpse of Bird Island, which is a favorite destination for all the winged creatures that call the Lake home. It is one of the favorite stops during the excursion and truly and ecological gem. The island is circular and many cases covered in water. The island is 31 acres big and a site where bald eagles and other wading birds nest. It is also home to a very large colony of ibis and herons.

Each guest will get to experience this adventure in the state-of the art airboats and while it is truly exhilarating, it is also completely safe. Once the airboat tour is complete, you can tour the free live alligator exhibit or simply unwind and relax with a meal and drink prior to shopping in the on-site gift shopped that is themed around alligators.

The airboat adventure offered by Black Hammock is located at 2356 Black Hammock Fish Camp Road and more information about the airboat adventure can be found by visiting http://www.theblackhammock.com/go/airboat-rides/.

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