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Experience the wonder

You will know that you have arrived at your destination when you see one of the most eye-catching features that is seen at Wonder Works: the exterior of the attraction. Here you will find a complete, four story tall building that is upside down and looks to be sitting on top of a brick warehouse from around the 1930s.

When you visit Wonder Works on International Drive in Orlando the only rule is to let your creativity and imagination lead the way. This is truly the excitement of visiting Wonder Works! There are over 100 different interactive exhibits that are offered at this location, including simulators, attractions and a huge number of hand-on exhibits.

Now, the question you may wonder, is with International Drive being famous for the Disney attractions, how did Wonder Works wind up on this prestigious strip of road? There is a story that starts with a secret lab somewhere within the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists from all over the world came together at this location to discover all the wonders and mysteries of the universe. The huge whirlwind of ideas that converged in this location turning into an actual tornado that wound up blowing the lab all the way to International Drive in Orlando! This is the reason the entire building is completely upside down – yes! Upside Down! However, even with this long journey all the unique experiences all stayed intact and can now be seen by curious and imaginative visitors, allowing them to figure out on their own!

The indoor, interactive exhibits that are on-site challenge visitor’s bodies, minds and their curious spirits. For example, you can attempt to successfully land the Discovery Space Shuttle in a real-life simulator; or fly a real fighter jet in the blue sky in the flight simulator. Sports fans can also live out their ultimate sports fantasy where they enter into the exciting Virtual sports lab where their image is super imposed to transport them to a 3D realm of soccer or basketball!

Other exciting exhibits include being able to feel the force of the huge 5.3 earthquake that hit in San Francisco back in 1989; take the role of a scientist and design your own, unique roller coaster; create bubbles inside of the hands-on Bubble Lab or play at the interactive Wonder Wall – the options go on and on. There is no limit to your imagination and you can truly express yourself and your creativity with this exciting and interactive exhibit.

When you visit Wonder Works you will be able to utilize some of the most sophisticated audio and graphic presentation techniques that are available. Throughout the building you can actively participate in the exhibits. The general admission price for tickets include one of the 4D Extreme motion rides.

Wonder Works is open each day from 9 a.m. to Midnight allowing you lots of tie for fun and entertainment. It is located at 9067 International Drive and more information can be found for visitors by visiting http://www.wonderworksonline.com/orlando/.

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