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Explosion Of Color And Fun: For Adults Only

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Get wet, dirty and drenched.

Orlando, Florida is without a doubt, thought of as a “family destination.” With all the local theme parks and being the home to Mickey Mouse; this is evident. However, if you need a little adult time, there is a fun-filled location waiting for you: DRIP.


DRIP provides adults with an experience that is not easily forgotten. Chances are once you experience the color explosion, industrial bar and messy time that you will have at DRIP – you will likely come back time and time again.


As you enter the bar, you may feel as you are transformed back to the days of wandering down a dark alley to find some hidden speakeasy. However, once you enter you will be greeted with an industrial size bar, live rock music and a location where you can have fun, cut lose and witness free expression at its very best.


Once you make your way to the bar you can order from a selection of drinks with the most appealing aspect being that you can receive a beer, glass of wine or other drink in any color that you want. If you let the bartenders know it is your first time, they will give you all the gossip on how you can have a great time while you are there. Be sure to grab a drink and find “your spot” because once the show starts you will not want to miss a second!

The Show

When the lights dim you will know it is show time. This is when the bartenders will climb on the bars, start dancing and dousing the crowd with beer – yes every color of beer you can imagine. Every prop you can imagine is used in the show, shoes, sand, and beer and more – it is truly an unforgettable experience.


Once you have seen the show you can head over to the t-shirt shop and then the paint tent. Here you and your friends can go wild and have fun, painting each other and others that are enjoying DRIP.

Tickets and Location

It is strongly suggested that you reserve your tickets for the night you want to experience what DRIP has to offer. It is an intimate environment and only about 100 people are at the show each night. This lets you get the full experience and enjoy the in-your-face fun that only DRIP has to offer.


DRIP is located right in the heart of the I-drive (International Drive) and in walking distance of a number of different hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants (including Denny’s) and the Orange County Convention Center.


If you are seeking a little adult fun, DRIP is just the ticket. Paint, colored beer, rock music and you – it is the accumulation of everything you need to have a great time while you are visiting Orlando. Don’t let the kids have all the fun when you can enjoy true adult entertainment and fun at DRIP.

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