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Fun Spot America: Theme Park On A Budget

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Pay Per Ride or Pay Per Day!

Fun Spot America is central Florida's hometown amusement park. If you're vacationing on a budget, this is the theme park you're going to want to visit. There's free admission, free parking, and free WI-fi. You can decide to pay per ride, or pay per day- whichever you prefer. The really awesome thing is that you are literally only paying for what you are actually doing.

Just because Fun Spot America is free doesn't mean it isn't top notch, either. It was named the Best Budget Attraction by the Orlando Sentinel, and the Best Family Entertainment center in the US by IAAPA.

Rides For Children

The rides for young children are featured in Fun Spot America's “Kid Spot.” All rides in this designated section are specially designed to suit children between 24 and 48 inches tall. Favorite rides include Tea Cups, the El Paso Train, the Frog Hopper, and Kiddie Coaster. Your child's trip wouldn't be complete without traversing the mini fun house! There are ten total pre-school aged rides in all, including Scooby Boo, Cadet Track, Super Trucks, Sea Serpent, and Kiddie Swing.

Rides For Adults

Fun Spot America proudly boasts Orlando's only wooden roller coaster. It's a brand new addition to their recently expanded theme park called White Lightning. Once you've had some high-flying fun on that unique ride, you can give the Freedom Flyer a whirl. See whether wood or steel suits you best!

Why not give the spinning, dipping Paratrooper ride a chance. You can watch the rest of the park swirl beneath you on this topsy-turvy ride. Need something bigger and better to get your adrenaline pumping? Check out the 250 foot tall Sky Coaster which can be seen for miles. The ride has been described as part skydiving, part hang gliding... but all fun!

Go Karts

If rides aren't your thing, don't worry. There are plenty of other fun attractions for you to experience. You could, for example, take a ride around one of Fun Spot America's five go-kart tracks. The five offer a variety of tracks for you to experience, suitable for varying ages and experience levels, including one speed track. You'll be happy to know that the theme park holds four US patents on go-kart track designs, so you'll be having one-of-a-kind fun.

Arcade & Other Attractions

The arcade holds over 100 games in a two story, air-conditioned game zone. The arcade games are a mixture of classic and modern games, so it doesn't matter which kind you like to play. Just a few of the games you can expect to find include Big Bass Fishing, Barber Cut, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal,  Pacman, and Basketball Hoops.

You can take a turn on a childhood favorite, the Bumper Kars. Or experience a new twist on that old favorite with the Bumper Boats. You can take a turn on the Fun Slide, or go around a few times on the Carousel. 

Fun Spot America is located 5700 Fun Spot Way, and with so much family fun at such an affordable price, it's something you won't want to miss.

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