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GatorLand: A One of a Kind Florida Experience

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Experience Florida’s Wild Side

Gatorland was established in Central Florida back in 1949 and has been owned by the very same family since that time. When you first see this location you may think that it appears to be a gimmicky tourist attraction that goes back to the days before Disney was present.

Yes, there is a somewhat cheesy gator wrestling show, and you can have your picture taken while sitting on a gator, but there is also something intriguing that will make you want to experience more: the people at Gatorland love and care for the animals, and if you pay attention, you can learn quite a bit during your visit.

During your visit to Gatorland you will be able to see, up close and personal, very rare white alligators. These alligators must be kept indoors since the sun is just too harsh for them. Other animals at the location include large snake, and the crocodile, which is the more aggressive cousin of the alligator. You can also purchase turkey hot dogs to feed the gators that ore on-site, and they will love the treat.

The facility is a total of 110 acres and has locations of both nature preserves and show areas, which include a bird sanctuary, which is around a breeding marsh where over 100 gators reside.

You can also have a true adventure on the zipline that goes around the perimeter of the gator facility. Gatorland is also working to install homes for various rescued items such as bobcats, which will provide them with much more comfortable living accommodations than their prior homes.

If you are lucky enough to schedule a private tour, you may get the opportunity to meet Chester, one of the more ornery gators that is unable to live with the other residents of the park. Chester is over 14 feet long and was rescued while causing trouble in the Tampa area. Harvey is another rescue gator that came from a school in the north part of the nation where he was taught to swim since he had never lived in or near water.

While you may be visiting the Orlando area to visit that famous mouse, you should take a break and experience a true Florida resident at Gatorland. The fact is that you can get in for a reasonable rate and experience a natural side of Florida that is simply not captured by the popular theme parks that the area is famous for.

While the majority of the walkways and ponds have some type of cover, it is still an outdoor park, which means you need to bring along plenty of sunblock and water. Gatorland is located at 14501 South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando and more information can be found by visiting their site at www.gatorland.com. Have some fun and experience the more natural side of Florida in a one of a kind attraction at Gatorland.

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