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Green Meadows Farm: A Hand’s On Experience

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Spend some time in the country.

Green Meadows Farms is where your kids are able to meet other kids – as well as chicks, ducklings and piglets. If you have small children, from three to age seven, this well-run and smartly conceived petting farm is definitely going to be a fond memory from your Orlando visit.

As you arrive at Green Meadows Farm, the entire experience can be neatly summed up when you read the quote that meets you when you enter from Luther Burbank, which simply states that every child should have the opportunity to truly experience what nature truly has to offer.

The farm is spread across almost 50 acres of Orlando land and situated under the infamous southern oaks. You can experience the farm with a guided tour that will last for approximately two hours. If you come during an exceptionally busy time, then you may find that you have to wait until the next tour starts. You know the tour has come to its conclusion when you make it back to the chickens. If you have fun, you can always stay for another round.

During the tour you will have a short ride on the train, as well as an authentic hayride pulled by a bumpy tractor. However, there is no question that the real stars of the experience are the vast number of animals that are present. It is important to remember, that this is not an active and working farm, but rather more of a farm zoo, with spacious pens and a large selection of farm animals that are found across America.

The farm is also home to a number of more exotic animals including buffalo, ostriches and a llama. This is the ideal opportunity for your kids to hold a duck, pet a baby goat, feed a baby pig and even milk a cow, among other activities. There are a number of different animals, such as stately peacocks, the scurrying guinea hens and other animals that roam freely around the grounds of the farm. Your little ones will have more fun than you can imagine and you are bound to capture some truly photographic memories.

The tour guides that are going to be taking you on your tour do not have any well-designed or spiffy uniforms and there are no carefully rehearsed scripts that you will hear. Instead, these tour guides will talk to you as if you are there to do real farm work and help you get a real feel for the farm zoo that has been presented.

There are a number of different exciting features, such as on the spot quizzes and facts that are not well-known, the highlight of the trip will be the baby animals. If you want to encounter these cuties, then you should visit around harvest time or in the spring.

Keep in mind, you should be sure to wear comfortable shoes when you visit Green Meadows Farms, which is located at 1368 South Poinciana Boulevard and can be found at www.greenmeadowsfarm.com

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