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iFly: Indoor Sky Diving for Everyone

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Adrenaline, Adventure and Excitement

iFly is the indoor skydiving experience in Orlando that recreates the authentic free fall conditions making you feel as though you are really jumping from a plane. iFly features a 1,0000 hp wind tunnel, which generates a cushion of air, where you will safely float to receive that authentic experience. There is no need to wear a parachute, no jumping necessary and nothing that will be anchoring you to the ground. It is simply you and the air, which provides one of the most exciting experiences you can have while visiting Orlando.

SkyVenture is the absolute world leader, as well as the most experienced provider when it comes to a wind tunnel experience. The equipment features innovative technology that is truly unique with a number of fans at the top of the flight chamber which created the wall-to-all flow of air that makes the experience fun and risk free.

When you arrive at iFly you will be provided with a brief overview of how you can ensure your body is in a controlled manner while flying in the tunnel. Your instructor will then suit you with your flying gear and give you the basic, and short, training necessary to have a great time while floating in the wind tunnel.

This is a premier destination experience in Orlando due to the fact that it is the closest thing that you can possibly due next to the real thing. Now anyone can experience the excitement and exhilaration in a completely safe and controlled environment and have their family and friends capture it to look back on time and time again.

No need to prepare, no extensive experience or training necessary. Your entire adventure will last for approximately one hour, which includes a brief classroom overview of what to do, getting suited up in your flying gear and your actual flying experience. The time period you will be in the tunnel will be about one and a half times what the real skydiving experience provides.

iFly Orlando provides you with a unique flying experience that is located right off of International Drive, making it convenient no matter what else you are doing while you are in town.

Who Can Take Off?

Unlike traditional skydiving there is no training or experience necessary for this adventure. Virtually anyone can fly, even those that have physical disabilities. Adults as old as 103 have flown and children as young as three – there is no age limit!

Hours and Specifics

iFly Orlando is open each day and provides check in times from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. There are a number of different flight packages to choose from and include everything you need for the full, fun flight. It is located at 6805 Visitors Circle in Orlando and you can find out more information when you visit www.iflyorlando.com.

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