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Let the Neu Lotus Spa Help You Unwind

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Relax, Enjoy and Unwind!

The Neu Lotus Spa, is a primer treatment center that is hidden away on the second floor at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. It offers a charming atmosphere that embodies luxury, helping to induce the most relaxing experience you will ever have.

When you first enter the spa, you are enveloped by a subtle yet alluring scent of lotions and oils. Once greeted by the hostess, you will be escorted to your locker and introduced to all of the amenities that are offered at the spa. The Neu Lotus Spa boasts a large number of services including comfortable seating, showers, a steam room and flat screen television that emits realistic looking underwater scenes. You will also be offered several different snack options, fruit infused water, hot tea and juice. While all of the amenities are fabulous, the true jewels of the spa are the services that are provided.

The spa offers a number of packages, which include:

  • Day of Neu Lotus lasting four hours

This package includes a 25 minute marine exfoliating body glow, 20 minute ocean sensation bath, 50 minute custom massage, 50 minute custom facial, 50 minute express pedicure and manicure.

  • New and Improved lasting three hours

This package includes an 80 minuet body scrub and massage, 50 minute age defying facial and a 50 minute express pedicure and manicure.

  • Brand Neu lasting two and a half hours

This package includes a 50 minute hadashi oriental style massage, a 50 minute re-mineralizing mud envelopment and a 50 minute aching feet relief.

  • Ocean Memory that lasts one and a half hours

This package includes a 25 minute mariend exfoliating body glow, 20 minute ocean sensation bath and 50 minute warm se shell massage.

There are also a number of packages for couples and individuals. The services offered by the Neu Lotus are extensive and can also be purchased on an ala-carte basis.

The friendly and helpful staff will ensure that you have a comfortable experience from the moment that you step through the doors. Your journey will begin right away, when you wrap yourself in a cozy and soft robe. You can spend time in the steam room and the relaxation area that is the gateway to you having a truly relaxing experience.

Your senses will be fully awakened during your visit with aromatic scents, highly trained staff and relaxing music. There are gift certificates available for purchase for anyone wanting to give this relaxing experience to a friend or loved one.

Each month the spa also offers some type of special where you can save a significant amount of money, so this is a treat that you should definitely look into for your next visit to Orlando.

The Neu Lotus Spa is located at the Renaissance Orlando, which is at SeaWorld, at the address 6677 Sea Harbor Drive. You can find out more information by visiting www.neulotusspa.com.

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