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Sail the Seven Seas with a Visit to The Pirates League

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Yo, Ho, Ho a Pirate’s Live for Me!

There is a common misconception that The Pirates League is just the counterpart to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but for boys; however, that is very far from what this experience actually offers. The Pirates League, which is located on-site at the Magic Kingdom, can be found directly to the right of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Pirate League can be experienced by any adult and child that is over the age of three and they offer packages for both girls and boys. There are a number of different packages to choose from, offering different features. The packages that are offered include:

  • The Empress and First Mate Packages, which starts around $29.95 and offers a facial effect, reversible bandana, eye patch, earring, sword and sheath, a Pirate League bag, temporary tattoo, coin necklace, pirate oath that is personalized, pirate name and ability to participate in the Pirate Parade.

  • The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Package, which starts around $44.95 and includes an authentic Jake bandana with authentic looking hair, facial effect, sword, coin necklace, Jake costume and t-shirt, ability to participate in the Pirate Parade.

  • The Mermaid Package, which starts around $74.95 includes makeup, mermaid hairstyle and clip, mermaid necklace, nail polish, sash, t-shirt and tutu and ability to participate in the Pirate Parade.

Once you have chosen your pirate look, you move on to the large, leather bound book where you will receive your very own pirate name. This is a process that is done by spinning the exciting pirate wheel, throwing the dice and matching the numbers to your actual birth month. Once given your name, your pirate, or mermaid, transformation begins. After that you will be sworn in to become an official part of the very inclusive Pirates League.

After you have received your pirate makeover and oath, you will move into the portrait area and be presented with the ability to purchase additional mementos of your trip. At the checkout counter you will be given all of your experience memorabilia. While you are visiting you will also have the opportunity to listen to tales of buried treasures and sunken ships and be given authentic pirate lessons to sharpen your swashbucklin’ skills.

If you desire, simply pay a few more gold doubloons in order to purchase unique pirate booty, such as hats, portraits and additional costumers. Once your transformation is complete, you will get ready with the other visitors to march in the Adverntureland Pirate Parade.

This experience is for boys and girls and much more affordable than some of the other experiences that are offered at the park.

The Pirates League is located on the Disney World Resort and you can find out more about the experience by visiting https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/magic-kingdom/pirates-league/. Your kids will definitely want to go time and time again to experience the hands on experience offered by this unique attraction. 

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