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Splitsville at Downtown Disney Orlando

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Bowling Fun on Luxury Lanes

Splitsville outside downtown disney

Splitsville is a chain of restaurants that offers bowling and billiards with "luxury lanes". Their "luxury lanes" have found a new home located at Downtown Disney. Splitsville will replace Ridemakerz (which moved to the West Side of Downtown Disney) in a famous spot across from the AMC Movie Theaters. Personally, that spot seemed to have been plagued as previous businesses eventually closed or moved. First it was Virgin Megastore (which Amazon totally destroyed that business model). Then there was a Princess Diane museum (Go figure!). Then finally Ridemakerz. Will Splitsville make it? I think so.

The cost of bolwing is $15 per person per hour from 5pm-10pm. After 10pm it is $20 per hour per person. But please do double check, as i was getting mixed prices information from different people that worked there. Personally, I wish they wouldn't have different prices and would stick to a flat rate.

The Experience

First thing that caught my attention is the massive bar located in the front. Two big flat screen for your obvious sports viewer. A great relaxing environment to sit, have a drink and people watch. There is also a live band that plays daily. I was sold, and I haven't even walked in.

Splitsville Band

Splitsvill Outside Bar

Inside Splitsville are two floors made up of thirty "luxury lanes". Personally the lanes are nice, but nothing that another popular bowling facility would not have. I believe the term "luxury" is because each lane comes with your personal bowling concierge that brings you your bowling shoes, serves drinks and food.

Splisville Inside Entrance

Splitsville Downstairs Bowling Lane


I haven't really tried everything in the menu, but from what i did try and from what everyone from my party ordered, it's not anything fancy. Your typical chain restaurant quality food that might work for you, or might not. Overall descent, but nothing spectacular. Both floors include a fresh sushi bar and a decor of old 50's style theme. For dessert you will find large orders of sundaes, brownies and typical sugar infested ice creams with rainbow sprinkles. I ordered the Sundae Brownie and I was not to fond of it.

Brownie Sundae

Sushi Bar

When i eat at a sushi bar i am used to a japanese style decor. The 50's look really does not work for me. However, the sushi looked great and it is a great alternative to the regular burgers and fries found on the menu.

Splitsville Sushi Bar Downstairs

Splitsville Downstairs Sushi Bar

We went upstairs and was surprised to see a billiards area. My party quickly adjusted to the bar while a couple of us played a few rounds of pool. It was a really relaxing environment to have a drink and shoot pool.

Splitsville Upstairs Pool

Splitsville Upstairs Bowling

Before going to Splitsville, I gave them a call as i wanted to make a reservation for a Birthday party. I was bummed out that they were not accepting reservations just yet. I was curious about this, so I spoke to the manager at the location and asked them when they would start taking reservations. Surprisingly, the manager told me that they were indeed taking reservations. Here is the gist:

Party Reservation

From 3-5pm it is $95 per hour per lane. After 5pm, it is $145 per hour per lane. Maximum of 8 people per lane. Seem expensive? Well let's do the math: let's say you have 8 people in your party. from 3-5pm it would cost $11.80 per person per hour, cheaper then paying $15 per hour. (however that's if you have 8 people!) After 5pm, it would cost you $18 and some change per person per hour, more expensive then $15 per person per hour, however if it's after 10pm, this option would save you money as the hourly rate goes up to $20.


A reserved party before 5pm by our calculation you do come out saving. After 5pm, no savings unfortunately. And after 10pm, you are coming out ahead. Understand though, you are paying to have a lane reserved. Currently, if you do not make a reservation, the average time to wait for a lane is about two hours. What a lot of people are doing, as they arrive, they put in a request for a table (15 min average) and wait for a lane to free up.

Party for Adults

On a side note, Splitsville caters to families and adults. Every Saturday and Sunday starting at 10pm only adults 21 and up are allowed on the second floor.

Splitsville Upstairs Bowling


Splitsville is worth checking out, and I do believe this establishment will succeed where past ones did not.

Splitsville Outside Sign


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