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Stop in for Swine Hour at the Ravenous Pig

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Fun, beer and BACON!

Be warned, if you don’t plan to make a reservation, you may be out of luck to eat at the Ravenous Pig. This restaurant is an Aroma Italian Café and Wine Bar – definitely an adult’s night out! Just known to the locals as “The Pig” this restaurant is definitely not a cookie cutter chain that specializes in bland frozen food that is shipped across the county. Not only does the venue focus on serving only fresh foods, it is also proud to offer only seasonal and local ingredients.

A little side note, the restaurant also makes their own ice cream, sorbets and sausage – talk about fresh!

Eating at the Ravenous Pig

Once you are seated you will be presented with paper menus. Why paper? Simply due to the fact that the selections that are offered change on a monthly basis. You can also check out some of the items they plan to offer in coming months through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ravenous.pig?ref=br_tf.

The restaurant has a selection of on-tap beers and over 50 selections of wine, offered by the glass. No matter what you choose chances are you will love it due to the high flavor quality that they offer.

There are wide arrays of appetizers to choose from offering a great combination of ingredients that create an ideal symphony of flavors for any palate. Keep in mind, the entrees that are offered are seasonal, therefore you may not be able to have the same thing at different times of year; however, this only solidifies the freshness that is offered by this restaurant. From wild game, such as guinea hens or duck to fresh seafood, the options are vast offering a great selection no matter what your tastes may be.

Don’t Miss the Pig Tails!

If you are a first-timer to the ravenous pig you can’t miss out on the pigtails. These are made by tossing fritters in cinnamon and sugar and then dipped into a warm chocolate espresso type of sauce.

The exterior of the Ravenous Pig is not to be ignored either. While it may appear to be someone’s home at first glance, it simply adds to the charm of the restaurant. There is a very local and charming feel to the restaurant that you will definitely enjoy. You can relax, enjoy the food and live music and have a truly adult time at the Ravenous Pig in Orlando.

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