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Take A Step Into The Bible At The Holy Land Experience

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Experience the sights and sounds of the world of the Bible.

The Holy Land Experience offers a very unique way to learn about the Bible, it's teachings, and even just about the era in time during which these stories take place. Whether you're a Christian hoping to experience things in a brand new, fully hands-on kind of way, or simply a lover of all things history, you will love your trip to the Holy Land Experience. It's extremely family friendly, so your children are sure to love it as well.

History & Mission

The Holy Land Experience was created by founder Marvin Rosenthal in 2001, out of a desire to proclaim the gospel to as many people as possible and to help believers develop a better understanding of the Judaical roots out of which Christianity sprang. The mission of this extremely unique theme park is to demonstrate the greatest commandments of God to all of the people, as well as to be a place of worship for anyone who wishes to praise here. Most importantly, the park's mission is to serve as a place of Biblical (and historical) education. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their background, or what they personally believe in.


The exhibits include things from every major biblical story, along with some historical sites that will give you a good idea of what life was like back then. Biblical sites include:

  • a recreation of the Garden of Eden
  • the Shepard’s field showing a recreation of when the angel's told of Jesus' birth
  • replica of the Garden of Gethsemane
  • a re-enactment of the last supper replica of the Dead Sea Qumran Caves
  • a model of the town of Bethlehem
  • a replica of Calvary's Garden Tomb, where Jesus' body was laid to rest
  • replica of the Bethlehem Bell Tower
  • and much more!

Historical exhibits include The Old Scroll Shop, where you can experience first century shopping, and the Jerusalem Street Market. There is also an area specially designed for small children, called Smile of A Child Adventure Theatre, which boasts movies and toys suited to younger audiences.


Adults (over the age of thirteen) may purchase one day tickets for $50, or two day tickets for $75. Children between the ages of six and twelve cost $35 for one day, or $55 for two days. Children between the ages of three and five cost $20 for a one day pass, and $30 for a two day pass. Children under the age of two have free admission.


You and your family are sure to love the hands-on experiences and teachings of The Holy Land Experience. Whether you're a Christian hoping to fully immerse themselves in the world and stories of the Bible, or a history lover hoping to learn more about the era in which these stories took place, this is an experience you will not want to miss.

The Holy Land Experience is located at 4655 Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida, 32811. You can feel free to call (407)872-2272 or 1-800-447-7235 for more information.

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