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Take A Thrilling Ride On Kraken!

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The roller coaster with whopping seven inversions!

Kraken is a roller coaster located at Seaworld, Orlando which was opened June 1st of 2000. It's named after the well known fictional sea monster who shares the same name, and is sure to give all of the thrill seekers in your family what they're looking for! The ride features a whopping seven inversions! These inversions include two full vertical loops, a dive loop, cobra roll, corkscrew, and zero-g roll.

History of The Ride

The idea behind Kraken came from the immediate success of a floor-less roller coaster named Medusa created by Six Flags Great Adventure in 1999. Seeing how successful the ride was, Sea World (along with three other parks) announced that they, too, would be releasing similar rides. Construction for Sea World's floor-less roller coaster began in January of 2000, and Kraken was completed in June of the same year. At the time of opening, Kraken held the record for Florida's longest roller coaster. Considering how many coasters are located in this theme-park haven, that's quite a feat. Kraken held the record for six years, until 2006, when Disney's Animal Kingdom opened Expedition Everest.


Kraken is 4,177 feet long and 149 feet tall. It tops out at 65 miles per hour, which makes it the fastest roller coaster in Sea World. The station and surrounding area are designed to look like Kraken's layer, and includes numerous eels – which are said to be the sea monster's young. Part of the design is actually underwater, and there are three dives which take you beneath it. No worries, though! You aren't actually submerged – you only appear to be!

There are three floor-less trains, which can hold 32 riders each. Since the trains are floor-less, your legs are dangling above the track. This is exciting for the thrill seekers, as it gives you a feeling more reminiscent of flight. For those who worry, however, you'll be happy to know that it is at a perfectly safe distance above the tracks. Riders are restrained and protected with over the shoulder restraints.


Kraken is a ride that is sure to give all adventure lovers the thrills they seek. Dive into the world of this infamous sea monster, and ride the tracks at incredible speeds. This is not a ride you'll want to miss on your next trip to Sea World.

Kraken is located in the Sea World Orlando theme park. Sea World Orlando is located at 7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32821. You can call (888)800-5447 for more information.

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