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Lets go flying today!

Warbird Adventures offers an incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind experience that you're definitely not going to find anywhere else. After all, where else can you fly in authentic World War II fighter planes? If you don't actually want to go up in the air, you can still get a full historical experience in the air museum, which features genuine war artifacts. Don't forget to grab yourself a souvenir from the shop so you can take something home to remind you of all you saw!


In 1997, the Founders of this unique company - Graham Meise and Thom Richard - decided to max out all of their credit cards in order to purchase a T-6. They made many modifications before bringing it back home with the intention of barn-storming around the country. It was entirely by accident that they ended up in Kissimmee at the Flying Tigers Warbirds Restoration Museum instead. From that point, the company slowly built itself up to be the amazing destination it is today.


Warbird Adventures allows you the opportunity to fly just like the aces of the past in a North American T-6 Texan. This was the premier fighter-trainer during World War II. The best part is that your designated pilot will give you a flight custom-tailored to what you want. Thrill seekers can experience twists, turns, dips, dives, and all other sorts of acrobatic feats. But if you're not into that, it's fine! Take a smooth, straight flight instead. No matter which way you want to fly, the experience of soaring the sky in an authentic piece of history is something you simply can't replicate!

The flights range from 15 minutes to an hour, so you can decide how long you want to be in the air. All flight times are based on actual air time, so take off and landing aren't calculated – you only pay for the real time experience! The flights may cost a decent amount of money, but they are well worth it! The price ranges from $250 for a 15 minute flight, to $740 for a 60 minute flight.

Air Museum

The museum has so many neat artifacts in display. There are 16 air crafts which call the Kissimmee Air Museum home now. A few of these include the North American P-51 XR Mustang, the Bowing N2S-5, the Boeing PT-17 Project, the Cassutt III, and the Gumman S2-F. Besides planes, the air museum also hosts numerous power plants and small arms – all of which are 100% authentic.


Lovers of history, planes, or adventure will not want to miss a visit to Warbird Adventures, where you can take a stroll through the museum or fly high in an authentic piece of history.

Warbird Adventures is located a short drive outside of Orlando, at 233 North Hoagland Boulevard, Kissimmee, Florida, 34741. You can call (407)870-7366 for more information.

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