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The Authentic CSI Experience on International Drive

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Come solve a mystery!

Can you imagine entering into an authentic crime scene and being the one person that is responsible for finding, collecting and analyzing all pieces of evidence, no matter how small or invisible it may be? At this point, the pressure is on, and from all your crime show watching background you know that you have to solve the case scientifically in order to crack the case.

Chances are you have seen the hit crime drama on CBS, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Now you can be in the driver’s seat in this forensic science exhibit that is related to the television show and take place in a web-based adventure.

CSI: The Experience is an immersive exhibit that beckons visitors to enter into a crime scene where they will be responsible for identifying and then recording evidence. There are three different crime scenes to choose from, including:

A House Collided

This investigation will allow visitors to compare the fingerprints of the victim to what is on the evidence, compare any fibers that are found in the room with what the victim is wearing, compare DNA of the evidence and victim, examine any blood splatters, observe the tracks in the room and shoes that the victim is wearing and finally uncover the cause of the death.

Who Got Served?

This investigation includes evaluating evidence in a cell phone, contents of a handbag, establishing the time of death of the victim, reviewing the collected DNA samples and discovering the cause of death.

No Bones About It!

Here you will analyze the bullet in the skull of the victim, analyze the hairs that are located on the body, examine a seed that is found in a coat pocket, study a sample of DNA from a tooth and more to discover the cause of death.

 Each of the investigations includes a number of different stations where the employees at the exhibit will help guide you to your results. Once the investigation is complete, you will go to the CSI supervisor Gil Greshem on the computer. Once you have successfully completed your report you will receive a CSI Diploma that you can earlier purchase or have emailed directly to you.

From the analysis of firearms, forensic anthropology, DNA analysis and toxicology, each visitor will be completely immersed in all the hands-on fun of the real CSI television show in a multi-media environment that offers impressive special effects that look as though they have come straight from the original show.

The cast members from the actual TV show will welcome guests into the exhibit via a video monitor and then lead them through the entire experience while offering praise for a job completed successfully. The exhibit has been designed for youth and adults age 12 and over.

CSI: The Experience Orlando is located at 7220 International Drive right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Orlando.

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