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Unique, Affordable Shopping Experience At Flea World

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America's largest flea market.

Flea World is a giant flea market with a very unique twist – it's all inside and air conditioned. For those who don't know, a flea market is almost like a giant yard sale with as many as a hundred or more individuals all selling their wares together. The exception is that, in many cases, the wares being peddled are brand new, just overstocked or bought at wholesale price and offered cheaper because of fewer overheads. The best way to describe it is to imagine a giant mall full of yard sales, although even that doesn't get it exactly.

The Market

Flea Town features 1,700 dealer booths, all under one roof and complete with air conditioning. Parking and admission are bother free. A few of the things available for purchase include flowers, DVDs, CDs, pets, watches, cell phones, perfumes, shoes, collectibles, furniture, and produce.

There is a cell phone repair center and dollar store both located within the flea market. Also included in the numerous booths  are stores featuring pet supplies, graphic signs, custom tee shirts, pets, jewelry repairs, electronic cigarettes, and countless other items. It's the perfect place to snag a few great souvenirs from your Florida vacation, or to stock up on some necessary items during your stay.


There are fifteen fun, unique places to eat located inside of Flea World. One place of note is called Cafe Latino. They offer a ton of delicious Latino food, like empenadas, carne frita, and polo frito. The restaurant was rated the cleanest in all of Florida, and had exactly zero sanitary or safety violations from the state's inspection department. When you're done, you can get some dessert from the NY Dairy King, which offers fabulous milkshakes, floats, cones, and sundaes.

Other places to get food include Mr. & Mrs. Pickle, Tea & Mas Import, Ice House, and Real Deal Seafood, plus much more.

The Experience

Even better than the amazing deals you can find is the overall experience you get. This is definitely something you want to make a day trip out of, so that you have plenty of time to indulge in the unique atmosphere. No other place will offer you a day quite like the one you will spend here. You get the opportunity to meet many fascinating vendors, eat amazing food, and browse for countless hours without ever growing bored. The best part is that its all air conditioned, so you don't have to suffer hours in the hot, Florida sun.

Flea World is located at 4311 Orlando Drive, on Highway 17-92. It is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and is a must-do on your next trip to Orlando. 

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