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Visit a Real Florida Animal Park: Jungle Adventures

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Take a walk on the wild side of Florida.

Jungle Adventures is one of the oldest attractions in the Orlando area and has captured and retained all of the charm offered by native Florida. This park, which is a total of 20 acres, is completely dedicated to eco-tourism, which provides a unique opportunity for visitors to have close encounters with exotic and native wildlife, all while discovering the Wetlands natural splendor. Visitors have the ability to explore the ecology, biology and history of this Florida location.

There are a number of park attractions on-site, offering something for everyone who visits. Kids from 1 to 100 will enjoy the natural environment that is offered. The attractions you can see include the following:

Jungle Cruise

While on the jungle cruise, you will get to experience the end of the dinosaurs while cruising throughout a swamp infested by alligators. You will be up-close and personal with these gators, which have a history that dates back 200 years.  When you return to land, you will be able to feed the baby alligators with cane poles and small fish.

Experience Florida Wild-Life: Hands On

While visiting the Jungle Adventure Park, you can participate in the hands-on program that allows you to see, hold and feed the baby American alligator in addition to a number of other interesting critters, both invasive and native options.

The Alligator Feast

When the dinner bell rings, you will truly see a feeding frenzy. You can witness a spectacular show several different times of the day, which spotlight the biggest alligators in the park, including the 14 foot monster, Goliath.

Replica Village of Native Americans

You can take a trip back in time with the guided tours walking through a replica Indian village. You will be able to learn about the various groups of Native Americans that inhabited the state of Florida up to 400 years ago. You can learn about their day-to-day lives, medicinal practices and eating habits. The demonstrations that are seen will include the ancient tools that are produced by modern Native Americans.

Natural Trail through the Jungle

You can take a leisure stroll through the wetlands down the boardwalk and pathways. Here you will see an array of endangered plants and have a glimpse of the American Alligator in its natural environment.

Wild Animal Exhibits

Deer, monkeys, macaws, crocodiles, alligators, black bears, wolves, panthers and more are able to be seen when you experience the jungle adventure. You can walk through the exhibits and see first-hand the wonder of all these creatures, a truly lasting memory.

No matter what you want to experience, from the wild and exotic, to daily bird watching fun, you will find it all when you visit Jungle Adventures. Have a snack or cold drink at the Jungle Café and continue on with your adventure.

Jungle adventures is located at 26205 East Highway 50 and offers you an experience that you won’t want to miss.

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