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Visit The Unsinkable Ship: The Titanic Experience

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All Aboard – Titanic as it Once Was

The Titanic Experience is a 20,000 square foot location that is situated between Universal Studios and Sea World on International Drive. The building is divided into a total of 17 different re-creations of the most famous rooms in the ships, which includes the Boiler, First Class Parlor Suite, the Grand Staircase and the Promenade Deck where the visitors to the location can walk out and actually feel the Atlantic breeze while they gaze at the stars. There are also trained actors that are in full time-period costumes that portray the notables of the Titanic, such as Molly Brown and Captain Smith and that share the stories of the crew and passengers that were on the ship during the guided, hour-long tour.

Once you arrive at the exhibit you will be given a boarding pass that has the name of a person that was aboard the Titanic. At the conclusion of the trip you will get to see if the person that you received lived or died while on the ship.

The entire exhibit was completely redesigned back in January of 2012 by RMS Titanic Inc. You can choose from taking a prerecorded tour or guided tours.

 Once you enter the ship you become an official passenger and will travel back in time by 100 years, and you will witness authentic, time period artifacts, as well as interactive storytellers. You can experience first-hand the truly unforgettable emotions, sounds and sights that were aboard the ship on the fateful night. You even get to see the infamous glacier that caused the Titanic’s demise.

While touring the exhibit you will be able to view over 100 artifacts that were recovered from the actual Titanic and over 400 pieces of one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Some of the pieces that were recovered from the wreckage include the hull of the hip, the Captain’s wheel and various personal belongings from the crew and passengers of the Titanic.

As you near the end of the exhibit you will enter into a large underwater room where you can see an eight foot replica of the ship as it sits on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean today. This part of the exhibit also includes the second biggest piece that has ever been recovered from the actual ship – a three ton part of the hull of the ship.

The exhibit truly takes you back to the Titanic. There are usually coupons and discounts available online for the exhibit, helping you to save money on this must see attraction. This is a truly interactive portion of history that should be experienced during your next trip to Orlando.

The Titanic Experience is located at 7324 International Drive and you can visit http://www.titanictheexperience.com/ to find out more about what the exhibit has to offer. If you are interested in history, or ever found the famous Titanic movie intriguing, this is a must stop during your visit to the Orlando area. 

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