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The Best Way to Spend a Day in Winter Park

Springing forward Sunday morning reminded me of two things. First, I hate losing an hour of sleep. Secondly, Spring is just around the corner and I know exactly where I want to spend most of it. Living in Orlando the last three years has taught me that Winter Park might be the best area to spend a beautiful day.

Winter Park has become one of my favorite spots in the Orlando area because you can walk from restaurant to restaurant and not feel like you have instantly become a fat pig. Park the car and just start walking all the way down Park Ave. Not to be left out of the Winter Park love fest is The Village. A great spot to grab a fancy beer is Taps. What makes Taps special is the feeling you get that it’s not just a bar, but also a cozy hang out. I know I’ve used it for first dates, to catch up with old pals and even play cards.

After a couple of afternoon drinks, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go see a matinee at the Village Regal movie theater. As franchise theaters go, I’ve always preferred Regals, especially this specific one. The real dilemma after your movie is deciding where you can eat something light before dinner. The Village has plenty of excellent options like Brio or Sakari Sushi, but I’m thinking about going across the street to another sushi restaurant called Wazzabi. It’s located directly across the Village, tucked away in a corner. It can be tough to find, but it’s worth it since I think it’s one of Orlando’s finest sushi eateries. For us guys it’s a great spot to take a sushi-loving girl out to. It’s beautifully decorated and they have a stellar menu. Even if you don’t eat fish, they have some delectable veggie roles.

Since the sushi was just a “snack” before your dinner, it’s time to drive a couple of blocks down until you turn into Park Ave. This avenue was made for walking around on a lazy day. Shops galore, stylish cafés and beautiful greenery to enjoy.

One of the many fine restaurants on Park, is Bosphorus. I love discovering Middle Eastern restaurants and this was one of my greatest discoveries. This Turkish place has an atmosphere that will have you thinking you’re dining in Istanbul. Their hummus, baba ghanoush, smoked eggplant salad, tabouli and moussaka are all top notch.

After those tasty delights, we might need to walk some more. I think if I lived and worked on or near Park Avenue, I’d never need a car. So what’s for dinner? Located also on Park is Prato, a delicious Italian restaurant. The food is simple enough, even though the menu and staff try to make it swankier than it really is. Last time I was there I felt like I was Patrick Bateman and my server was about to tell me I had ordered “a playful yet mysterious little dish”. I ordered angel hair pasta! Simple enough and beyond delicious. Another one of my favs there is the Laughing Bird Shrimp Ravioli.

Well now that you are as full as can be, can I interest you in just one last stop? The Eden Bar at the Enzian Theater. Technically it’s not really Winter Park, it’s considered Maitland, but it’s on the border so it’s close enough. The Enzian is the place you want to go when you have a hankering for artsy cinema, good drinks and yes…more enjoyable food! I’ve had the pleasure of attending many films at the Enzian, including the last three Florida Film Festivals. I know so many people who have lived in Orlando longer than I have and still have never been to the Enzian or its outside bar, Eden. The best way to sum up Enzian is by saying that it’s the perfect spot to watch hard-to-find current films, while enjoying a couple of alcoholic beverages and high-end movie snacks. If you haven’t been, you need to get up right now and make plans to go.

Whether you are enjoying your day/night at the Winter Park Village or on Park Ave., you can’t go wrong.

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