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Yellow Dog Eats: A True Eating Experience in Orlando

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience

Eclectic eating at its finest.

Yellow Dog Eats is a truly unique find. It has been nestled off of the beaten path in Orlando. You will locate this restaurant in a quaint area that is situated in a 100 year old country store. The entire building, the décor and the entire feel of this location is just as eclectic as the hippe chef that will be preparing your food, Fish Morgan. The menu also has its own eclectic feel with everything from sandwiches to BBQ and salads. Each dish is uniquely blended together with a southwestern flair and BBQ, who could have known that these two very different types of food could partner together so deliciously!

Gluten Free Options

The Yellow Dog Eats understands the trend of gluten free and placed a stamp on the menu by all the selections that meet this classification. There are a wide array of interesting delicious sounding sandwiches, unfortunately, the restaurant has not yet started offering a gluten free bread.

Enjoy the Ambiance

Once you order you can opt to sit inside or outside on the wooden patio that has been strung with mood setting lights. There is also soft music playing in the background, and your mouth is sure to be watering by the time your food arrives due to the yummy smelling smoked meats that are present. Chances are, however, the most enjoyable part of your experience will be getting to interact with Chef Fish Morgan. He is warm and welcoming and loves to do what he does, it is something that you just pick up on.

However, the Chef is also quite a flirt and not afraid to let it be known on the intercom. Keep in mind, it is always done in good natured fun!

The Meal

There is a huge options of meals to choose from; no matter what you are in the mood for you are likely to find something that satisfies you on the menu! Don’t forget about all the Gluten free options as well, this restaurant has one of the largest selections in the entire Orlando area.

Once you finish your plates you can browse the dessert counter and while they do offer some gluten free options here, it is important to ask if that is what you want.

The fact is that the Yellow Dog Eats does not only offer delicious food that is full of flavor, they offer an ambiance that is definitely inviting and nothing short of unique. The Chef uses an array of local ingredients and provides a huge array of gluten free options. If you are in the Orlando area, the Yellow Dog Eats should definitely be on your list of places to try!

The Yellow Dog Eats is located at 1236 Hempel Avenue and more information can be found if you visit www.yellowdogeats.com. Stop by, have fun and enjoy a great meal – you definitely will not regret it.

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