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Nickelodeon Suite Resorts Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience
It was two days before my daughter’s 3rd birthday and my Disney plans fell through.  I was scrambling last minute to find a suitable place where my husband and I could relax for a weekend while the kids were entertained; without breaking the bank.  I thought about cartoon cha [...]

Amy Randall

Orlando City Writer

Florida Hotel Package $100 Gift Card, Breakfast, Dinner, & Champagne

Orlando, Florida - Review Experience
The Florida Hotel is by far the best place to stay and shop without having to get any transportation to shop anywhere else in Orlando. The Florida mall is packed with over 260 stores giving you access to ALL the stores you need to do your shopping. The hotel is literaly connected to the [...]

Simone Kuska

Director of Sales and Marketing of The Florida Hotel

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