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What to do for Seniors

Good news – we are making some much needed upgrades to our Lake Eola swan boat docks. Bad news – we have to close the boat rentals to make the upgrades. The Lake Eola Swan Boats will be closed starting on February 28th. The city is replacing the weathered dock, that has exceeded its lifespan, with a larger dock to accommodate our expanded swan boat fleet of 12 boats. It will also make it easier for boaters as they board and disembark the swan boats.  

Construction is expected to wrap up in April. We look forward to seeing you on our new dock to once again enjoy the beauty of Lake Eola. 

Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer and provides a great chance for friends and families to come together, celebrate and have fun while enjoying the company of one another. There are a number of appropriate activities families can enjoy with their senior loved ones. Following are a few ideas Orlando senior home care providers recommend this Labor Day.

Host A Barbecue

Youngsters grow impatient while waiting for the food to finish grilling on the BBQ. Families might consider planning activities that encourage seniors to spend quality time with children. Consider playing an outdoor game or two of croquet or badminton. These activities don’t require a large amount of space and are appropriate for people of all ages. Other options might include playing catch or having a water balloon toss.

Throw A Retro Party

Families might consider basing their activities around a ‘50s or ‘60s theme. In honor of days past enjoyed by seniors, the whole family can dress in typical fashions of the day. Set the atmosphere by playing music from the era, play retro games, and gather around the TV to watch reruns of popular shows or famous movies that seniors once enjoyed. The activity also provides the chance for senior loved ones to share amusing stories and memories of days past.

Take A Staycation

While some choose to end the summer with one last getaway, others might consider enjoying activities located closer to home. Plan a special outing for each day. Visit local museums, take a walking tour of local historic places, or spend the day at a nearby national park. Families can even rent rooms at local hotels near these notable sites to complete the “staycation” experience.

Get Back To Nature

Plan nature-themed activities that might include spending a day boating or fishing on a local lake. Learn more about native flora and fauna, then indulge in a nature walk while identifying various plants and keeping an eye out for various birds, mammals or reptiles. You could make it a game to see who can identify the most plant and animal species.

In addition to spending time with family and friends, seniors also benefit from flexible live-in, hourly or even respite home care in Orlando. To give your loved one the helping hand he or she needs to boost physical and emotional wellbeing, contact Home Care Assistance of Orlando at (407) 604-0504 today. Our highly trained caregivers help seniors with daily activities including housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and even personal care. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call.