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When puff pastry dough goes into the oven, the butter melts, preventing the layers of dough from sticking together. What you end up with is a super-light, crisp and flaky pastry that has about 100000001 uses and exactly 2187 layers.

The first is a trick I learned from Shirley Corriher. In her wonderful book Bakewise, she explains that brushing the dough with cold water before each fold will create a higher rise as the dough bakes. The water creates steam between the layers, pushing them up higher than usual. Thanks, Shirley!

We offer a variety of delicious puff pastry as


1  A pie is a baked dish of fruit, meat or vegetables, typically made of a pastry-dough crust and often topped with pastry. ( Cheese, vegan, 

shrimp and mashed potatoes, Shrimp and vegetables etc 

2 Hot Dog in a Blanket

3  A sweet pastry and specialty of Denmark, danishes are a popular breakfast buffet item, available in flavors like apple, cheese, strawberries, pinneaples.

4 Cheese Straws  - They are round and bite-sized

5 - PUFF ROLLS - 5 and 7 inches - meat, pork, chicken.vegan.

You can freezer for months - Browse the photos above

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