Coronavarius and Disney World - Florida

About 70,000 laid-off Walt Disney World Resort workers have to rely now on Florida unemployment, which pays just $275 a week for 12 weeks.

Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie were out of jobs Monday as Disney furloughed 100,000 theme park and hotel workers, including cast members who play the beloved Walt Disney characters in Florida and elsewhere, because of the coronavirus crisis.

The world changed and even  Minnie cried. 

Could Walt Disney have imagined what he could have foreseen what was going to happen when he created a little part of a world full of fantasy where the weights completely forget the reality of the world outside? Coronavirus changed also science, according to testimonies of scientists. Dressed with a Minnie there is a person, with a life of his own, responsibilities, where outside of Disney, he has to pay bills and take care of family softnesses, contacting the work of seeing Minnie and bringing joy to all the children. Yes, even Minnie cried to be hired for the position to be happy and make children happy. It is not so pleasant visiting Disney anymore according to Kimberley Souza, "the people feel themselves within a Military World, not in Fantasies. The employees who are left in the Park are now trained to give orders, following rules as:" put on the mask, you cannot enter, keep your distance, the rough ride for ease ride is 2 hours "- Yes! Yes, Minnie cried!

By Kimberley Souza

It was definitely a different kind of day again visiting Magic kingdom which I want to say is our last time but may try to go a little later for the Halloween decor. It is way too hot wearing masks all day because they are not joking about wearing them. We got to ride thunder mountain, it’s a small world, my train, a haunted mansion, and the big ferry boat. We almost hit splash mountain but could not handle a 1 hr wait. Way too hot but overall the kids had fun at what they say is the most magical place on earth. Instead of saying this, it was making sure you have your mask over your nose! Not the most magical place but it was magical for the kids because daddy rode some rides with them that he normally would not! That made their day he was the bomb and I was chop liver! Finally to end the night we watched the release of Mulan on Disney plus!

Kimberley decided to make their day as pleasant as possible so her kids wouldn't join Minnie in crying.