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Orlando City Airport as we know it today started life as Mc Coy Airforce base back in 1942 the Airport today bears no resemblance to those early days, it now has four runways ranging in length from 9,000 feet up to 12,000 feet, it covers some 12,000 acres and employs a team of 800 staff.

The Airport facilities employ a total of 22,000 personnel. In those early days, most of the planes were propeller types whereas today they are mainly jet engines.

The Airport is the tenth busiest in the US handling over 50,613,000 passengers in 2018, that equates to 357,689 operational flights, it’s also seen the long haul destinations grow with over 721,000 from the UK alone.

The Airport is only six miles in distance from Orlando but it is in need of a faster link to Orlando, one such system would be a monorail that would keep the Airport moving forward into the 21st century


Lived 1873 – 1932.

One of the most prominent names when it comes to aviation, Alberto Santos-Dumont was a well-known Brazilian aviator. 
He captured the attention of Americans and Europeans with his airship flights. Dumont was the first to achieve flight of a powered airplane with his 14-bis biplane in Europe.

Born - JULY 20, 1873
  • 20 July 1873
  • Palmira, Minas Gerais, Empire of Brazil
  • Died
  • 23 July 1932 (aged 59)
  • Guarujá, São Paulo, Republic of the United States of Brazil (Vargas Era)
  • Restin
  • São João Batista Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Aviator, inventor
  • Grand Officier de la Légion d'honneur