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A faster way to go from airport to Downtown Orlando

The current railway station situated one mile south of downtown Orlando was constructed back in 1926 in a traditional Spanish style more at home in Alamo, not in a modern City like Orlando, the site is owned by the local authorities and it would lend itself to a railway museum 

The reason for our blog this week is the underlying pressure to move away from fossil fuels and help clean up the air, a good example is that of the city airport situated some six and a half-mile from Orlando with a very poor infrastructure, bye building a mon O rail system connecting up with the main railway in Orlando would reduce the pollution in the area 

The modern bullet train can travel at speeds of 223 miles per hour reducing the time to NewYork to 4.8 hours, normal operating speeds would make the journey time 6 hours when in N Y you arrive at the freedom station a station that’s been constructed for the twenty-first century and beyond, as you traverse the  main hall you get the feeling that you are floating

Some Countries have turned there backs on the railway over the past seventy years but with the depletion 

of fossil fuels and the high-speed trains now is the time for reappraisal and let’s allow the planet to breathe again